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Ambassador Baptist College

“Now then, we are Ambassadors for Christ…” 2 Cor. 5:20

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Library at ABC

The Kennedy Library was named for the late Mr. and Mrs. John L. Kennedy, the parents of Mrs. Ron Comfort and Mrs. Mary Rosenau, who is the present college librarian.

The library provides study space for sixty students at one time, internet access for personal computers, and two college computers, with twelve more available in the computer lab. At the present time, 28,077 books are shelved, with more being added daily. Forty-seven current ministry-related periodicals, as well as two daily and two weekly newspapers are kept on hand, in addition to both Biblical and secular sets of encyclopedias, a large number of biographies, many Bible commentaries, various music volumes, and volumes helpful to elementary education majors. Two libraries on loan from missionaries are available for students to use in the library.

A large laminating machine provides a way for students and others to preserve teaching aids and bulletin board materials.

Vertical files house mission agency information and Christian school data.

There is a good supply of audio-visual material and equipment, including a micro-fiche reader with tapes of the early Sunday School Times, for students to supplement classroom instruction.

The Library is operated by work-aid students to help pay for their tuition, room and board.

There is a need for more space to house the books already on hand.

The David L. Cummins Graduate Study Library

The David L. Cummins Library houses the Baptist History books of the late Dr. David L. Cummins, along with many other volumes that the graduate students need. Theological journals include Bibliotheca Sacra, Journal of Dispensational Theology, and Grace Journal, all for use in the library.