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Your Personal Walk With God
Pastor Thomas Brookshire March 3, 2017 1 Timothy 4:11-1640 min.
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Preacher Boys Who Quit
Mr. Adam Shedal November 8, 2016 1 Timothy 1:18-2019 min.
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The Church Is Still Relevant
Pastor John Allen October 13, 2015 1 Timothy 3:1544 min.
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Be Thou an Example
Dr. Charles Surrett May 1, 2015 1 Timothy 4:11-1643 min.
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The Man of God
Dr. John Godfrey Sr. March 26, 2015 AM 1 Timothy 6:11-1436 min.
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Remember the Ladies
Pastor Nathan Deatrick March 20, 2014 PM 1 Timothy 2:9-1544 min.
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Requirements of a Good Minister
Dr. Ed Nelson March 19, 2012 AM 1 Timothy 4:6-1648 min.
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Loving Money More Than God
Dr. Joel Spencer September 16, 2011 1 Timothy 6:6-1039 min.
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If Every Teen Was Just Like You
Dr. Alton Beal July 22, 2011 Afternoon 1 Timothy 4:1249 min.
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The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth
Dr. Joel Spencer April 7, 2011 1 Timothy 1:1-340 min.
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The Gospel Is Available to All
Pastor Nathan Deatrick October 22, 2010 Isaiah 54:2-4; 1 Timothy 1:14-1638 min.
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Sound Advice for Young People
Dr. Raymond Barber July 23, 2010 PM 1 Timothy 4:12-1348 min.
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