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What’s Ahead For America?
Dr. Ron Comfort March 27, 2015 PM Daniel 513.4 MB 58 min.
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Who Or What Do You Fear?
Dr. Alton Beal March 13, 2015 Daniel 3:12-258.8 MB 38 min.
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It’s Not Worth it
Jonny Townsend February 10, 2015 Daniel 44.3 MB 18 min.
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What Are You Going To Take A Stand For?
Pastor Frank Camp September 4, 2014 Daniel 1:89.6 MB 41 min.
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Through the Fire
Pastor Roger Maxwell March 17, 2014 PM Daniel 3:19-2110.8 MB 46 min.
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What Happens When You Don’t Purpose
Evangelist Richard Harper July 17, 2013 Camp Service Daniel 111.1 MB 48 min.
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Convictions That Conquer
Evangelist Tom Farrell January 9, 2013 AM Daniel 1:1-813 MB 56 min.
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Biblical Convictions, Part 2
Dr. Bill Dillon November 30, 2012 Daniel 6:10-288.8 MB 38 min.
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What Is Neccessary To Be A Fireproof Christian?
Evangelist Dwight Smith November 10, 2012 Daniel 3:1-612.1 MB 53 min.
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The Battle for Biblical Convictions
Dr. Bill Dillon October 19, 2012 Daniel 6:1-39.4 MB 41 min.
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Doing Right in the Wrong Way
Missionary Andy Bonikowsky September 28, 2012 Daniel 6:1-312.5 MB 54 min.
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Fellowship of the Unashamed
Evangelist David Cajiuat July 20, 2012 AM Daniel 3:1-1211.7 MB 51 min.
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Being a Faithful Witness in a Hostile Environment
Pastor Mike Haley February 2, 2012 Daniel 3:12-1810.2 MB 44 min.
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Right is Might
Evangelist Dwight Smith December 5, 2011 Daniel 311.3 MB 50 min.
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When God Doesn’t Come Through
Pastor Leland Johnson October 7, 2011 Daniel 3:14-188.8 MB 38 min.
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Forasmuch As He Was Faithful
Pastor Joe Bowker October 4, 2011 Daniel 6:1-49.6 MB 42 min.
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Pastor Richard Callahan April 19, 2011 Daniel 1:89 MB 39 min.
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Nebuchadnezzar’s Marshmallow Roast
Evangelist Richard Harper September 3, 2010 AM Daniel 3:8-2510.2 MB 44 min.
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Faithfulness Does Matter
Pastor Rusty Smith March 25, 2010 PM Daniel 6:1-58 MB 34 min.
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