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Pastor Bryce Hager April 2, 2015 James 4:1-107.3 MB 31 min.
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When God Says No
Dr. Charles Surrett January 23, 2015 James 4:13-179.9 MB 42 min.
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Your Thanksgiving Tongue
Dr. Joel Spencer November 24, 2014 James 36.9 MB 30 min.
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A Basic Plan for Revival
Evangelist David Young January 7, 2014 AM James 1:21-2711.5 MB 50 min.
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Humility: The Forgotten Quality for Pleasing God
Pastor Frank Camp April 4, 2013 James 4:6-10; 1 Peter 5:5-610.7 MB 46 min.
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Don’t Be a Professional Listener
Pastor Leland Johnson February 4, 2013 James 1:22-258.7 MB 37 min.
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Receiving the Word of God
Pastor Richard Callahan October 5, 2012 James 1:16-2510.6 MB 46 min.
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Praise God for Trials
Mr. David Cajiuat September 21, 2012 James 1:2-48.3 MB 36 min.
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Baptists and Revival, Part 2
Dr. Rick Flanders September 14, 2012 PM James 4:1-1014.1 MB 60 min.
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A Heartbeat of Humility
Dr. Alton Beal August 27, 2012 AM James 4:109.6 MB 42 min.
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Go to God First
Pastor Mike West July 20, 2012 AM James 1:1-810.2 MB 44 min.
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The Controlled Tongue
Pastor Mike West July 19, 2012 PM James 3:1-1213.5 MB 58 min.
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Learning Patience
Pastor Dan Reed March 8, 2012 James 5:7-1110.1 MB 44 min.
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A Basic Plan for Revival
Evangelist Dave Young August 29, 2011 AM James 1:21-279.6 MB 42 min.
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The Anatomy of Anger
Pastor Chuck Phelps March 22, 2011 AM James 1:20, Numbers 208.6 MB 37 min.
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How to Deal with Temptation
Evangelist Jim Cook January 10, 2011 AM James 1:12-1610.9 MB 48 min.
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Patience: the Greatest Virtue
Pastor John Monroe October 25, 2010 James 1:1-48.7 MB 38 min.
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LIFE: Living In Focus of Eternity
Pastor Tim Mason October 5, 2010 James 4:13-179.5 MB 41 min.
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The Right Thing Is a Costly Thing
Pastor Bill Bethea March 22, 2010 AM James 5:1111.6 MB 50 min.
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