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The Creator and His Plan
Aaron Stevenson March 3, 2015 Jeremiah 18:1-85.7 MB 24 min.
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The God of ‘Again’
Pastor Marc Monte July 16, 2014 AM Jeremiah 18:1-49.4 MB 40 min.
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Stay in the Battle
Pastor Tom Krampert, Sr. March 18, 2014 AM Jeremiah 10:17-229.3 MB 40 min.
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Blessing or Curse?
Pastor Jim Ogle December 10, 2013 Jeremiah 17:5-86.7 MB 29 min.
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Expect Great Things from God, Attempt Great Things for God
Pastor Dave Stertzbach October 17, 2013 Jeremiah 33:38.3 MB 36 min.
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Pursuing God
Dr. Alton Beal August 26, 2013 AM Jeremiah 2:1-910.9 MB 47 min.
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The Power of God for Ministry
Pastor Jim Parrish January 24, 2013 Jeremiah 1:2-108 MB 34 min.
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Understanding and Knowing God
Evangelist Jim Cook January 7, 2013 AM Jeremiah 9:23-2411 MB 48 min.
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A Portrait of Powerful Prayer
Evangelist Ron DeGarde December 6, 2012 Jeremiah 33:311.9 MB 51 min.
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Religion or Reality
Mr. Joshua Wagar November 27, 2012 Jeremiah 23:1-24.7 MB 21 min.
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Your Heart
Youth Pastor Jim Ogle February 28, 2012 Jeremiah 17:910.1 MB 44 min.
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Somebody, Somewhere, Love Me
Evangelist Bill Hall July 19, 2011 AM Jeremiah 31:39.4 MB 41 min.
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Who Will Go?
Missionary Ethan Champlin January 17, 2011 Jeremiah 1:4-1910.3 MB 45 min.
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Principles of Child-Rearing
Pastor Dan Deatrick November 29, 2010 Jeremiah 35:1-10,18-19; Deuteronomy 6:1-912.2 MB 53 min.
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The Bible Is Authoritative
Pastor Frank Bailey November 19, 2010 Jeremiah 36:1-2,21-258.4 MB 37 min.
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Preaching to Dry Bones
Dr. Bill Wingard November 15, 2010 Ezekiel 37:1-14 ; Jeremiah 4:19-2110.4 MB 45 min.
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The Wickedness of the Heart
Dr. David Cummins September 10, 2010 Jeremiah 17:7-1010.8 MB 47 min.
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Call Unto Me
Evangelist Richard Harper September 2, 2010 AM Jeremiah 3312.6 MB 55 min.
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