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All Things for Good
Pastor Nathan Deatrick March 23, 2015 AM Romans 8:28-308.7 MB 37 min.
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A Promise Kept
Evangelist Richard Harper January 14, 2015 Romans 8:28-3910.9 MB 47 min.
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Who Do You Think You Are ?
Pastor Frank Camp November 25, 2014 Romans 12:38.8 MB 38 min.
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Why Does the Flesh Always Seem to Win?
Evangelist Jake D’Andrea July 15, 2014 AM Romans 7:18-199.7 MB 42 min.
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Being a Steward of Christian Liberty
Pastor Matt Austin March 27, 2014 Romans 14:1-1312.5 MB 54 min.
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A New Life
Dr. Ernest Childs February 10, 2014 Romans 8:5-88.9 MB 38 min.
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The Joy of Serving the Lord
Pastor Tim Daniel February 4, 2014 Romans 12:1-2110.6 MB 46 min.
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How Shall They Hear?
Dr. Danny Whetstone October 30, 2013 Romans 10:9-1710.1 MB 44 min.
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Forgiveness and Reconciliation
Pastor Marc Monte March 19, 2013 PM Romans 5:8-119.3 MB 40 min.
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Be Like Paul
Pastor Kevin Folger March 18, 2013 PM Romans 1:1-1710.2 MB 44 min.
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The Test of True Salvation
Evangelist Dwight Smith November 10, 2012 Romans 7:15-2514.4 MB 63 min.
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Slavery Through Defeat
Mr. Kevin Marshman November 6, 2012 Romans 6:16-184.7 MB 19 min.
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The Ministry of the Holy Spirit
Dr. Clayton Shumpert October 31, 2012 Romans 8:10-1110.5 MB 44 min.
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What You Have to Give Up in Order to be Carnal
Dr. Charles Surrett September 3, 2012 Romans 5:5-812.2 MB 53 min.
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Conquering Defeating Sins
David Cajiuat July 19, 2012 AM Romans 7:14-2513.2 MB 57 min.
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Christian, Wake Up!
Mr. Dan Bishop March 5, 2012 Romans 10:9-155.5 MB 23 min.
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The Need for the Gospel
Pastor Ron Allen February 7, 2012 Romans 1:18-329.7 MB 42 min.
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Making the Great Commission a Reality in Your Life
Mr. Lloyd Hamann February 6, 2012 Romans 1:14-167.1 MB 30 min.
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I Beg You
Pastor Jody Jenkins October 24, 2011 Romans 12:111.1 MB 48 min.
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Romans 8:28
Dr. Bob Taylor September 20, 2011 Romans 8:28-297.9 MB 34 min.
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Dr. Ernest Childs July 19, 2011 Afternoon Romans 6:613 MB 56 min.
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Reaching the Uttermost
Pastor Brent Marowelli January 27, 2011 Romans 15:17-1911.3 MB 49 min.
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Who’s Pushing Your Buttons?
Evangelist Dwight Smith January 13, 2011 PM Romans 6:12-1312.3 MB 54 min.
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Living in the Unseen Realm of Faith
Evangelist Dave Cajiuat November 12, 2010 Romans 4:17-2510.2 MB 44 min.
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Reasonable Surrender
Mr. Andrew Engelhart October 21, 2010 Romans 12:1-24.6 MB 20 min.
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The Networking of Righteousness
Pastor Frank Camp September 9, 2010 Romans 3:24-317.7 MB 33 min.
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