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“Now then, we are Ambassadors for Christ…” 2 Cor. 5:20

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Graduation Offering 2015

Graduation Offering


$73,276 raised to date

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About the Graduation Offering

The Apostle Paul is perhaps the most well-known preacher and servant in the first century church. Why was he so influential? He wrote a number of books of the New Testament. He helped start several churches and traveled on several missionary journeys. His testimony was predominantly defined by three things: his conversion on the road to Damascus, his total surrender to Christ, and his willingness to invest his life into a younger generation of preachers and servants.

The 2015 Graduation Offering is all about the third aspect of Paul’s testimony. Throughout his writings, he was constantly found admonishing his sons in the faith and co-laborers to do the work of the Lord. As a result, churches were planted and helped and the Gospel was powerfully preached. That same emphasis is needed just as much today as it was in the early church.

Would you consider taking up Paul’s mantle and participating in the 2015 GO? The Lord has filled the student body at ABC with “sons and daughters in the faith.” Our students have assembled from more than 30 states for the purpose of training for the Lord’s work. To do the best job in training them, we need your help.

The goal for the 2015 GO is $100,000 by July 31st. $75,000 will go toward the general fund to help us fight the rising costs of education without raising the tuition for our students. The remaining $25,000 will be used to put new carpet in the classrooms in Spurgeon Hall and new keyboards for our music students in the piano practice wing. Both of these areas are in great need of improvement, and these upgrades will provide our students with the necessary means for quality training for the ministry.

Paul had sons in the faith. He knew the importance of investing in the younger generation of full-time Christian workers. You too can do the same by participating in the 2015 Graduation Offering at ABC and helping us meet our goal by July 31st.

Why give to the Graduation Offering?

  • One student educated at Ambassador can positively affect the lives of thousands with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • You can ensure that present and future students have the opportunity to receive a uniquely Ambassador education.
  • You can give back to Ambassador because of what you have received from Ambassador.
  • The Graduation Offering is a primary source of bridging the gap between what tuition provides and the total operating budget.
  • Undesignated monies can help the college in areas of greatest need, such as capital improvements, emergencies, and regular budget needs.

Securely give online to the Graduation Offering!