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Ambassador Baptist College

PO Box 158

Lattimore, NC 28089



Evangelist and the President of Ambassador Baptist College.

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Dr. Alton Beal

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Alton Beal is an evangelist and the president of Ambassador Baptist College in Lattimore, NC, a four-year Bible college devoted to training men and women for full-time Christian service. As a college president, he helps mentor the next generation of preachers and Christian workers. As an evangelist, he preaches Bible messages and sings Gospel songs and hymns in his revival meetings.

Born in the foothills of North Carolina, Alton was raised in a challenging home with very little spiritual influence. Around the age of ten, he started riding a van to church on a regular basis and was saved as he entered his teenage years. At the age of fifteen, he surrendered his life to God in a Neighborhood Bible Time Rally at his church and surrendered to God’s call to preach as a senior in high school.

To further his preparation for the ministry, Alton enrolled at Ambassador Baptist College (then located in Shelby, NC) and graduated in 1996. Since graduation, he has traveled extensively as an evangelist serving in local churches and Christian camps all across America.

Alton married his high school sweetheart Michelle in 1995, and they have three children: Andrew, Jared, and Karis. Their home is near the campus of ABC in Lattimore, NC.

Dr. Beal's Itinerary

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