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Ambassador Baptist College

PO Box 158

Lattimore, NC 28089




"Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." - 2 Tim. 2:15

What are lighthouse keepers?

Originally, lighthouse keepers were employed to maintain the extremely important lighthouses along the coasts of the United States.  Incoming ships were dependent upon the light of lighthouses, especially in stormy weather.  The keeper was responsible for trimming the wick of the light, replenishing fuel, and cleaning the powerful lens of the lighthouse.  Without the work of the keepers, the lighthouses would fall into disrepair and the light that guided ships would stop shining.

While lighthouse keepers are no longer needed for the lighthouses along the shore, keepers are still needed to help Ambassador Baptist College train its students to shine the Gospel light around the world.  Every year, hundreds of people support the college prayerfully and financially on a monthly basis so that we might continue training men and women for ministry.  Will you pray about becoming a lighthouse keeper?

Why does Ambassador need lighthouse keepers?

People are needed to pray for laborers because simply put, there are not enough.  Every week, the college fields calls from churches and schools who are looking for preachers and teachers who are dedicated in their calling and conservative in their training. With empty pulpits and unreached mission fields, we need to be praying Matthew 9:38 more than ever. 

Although students are charged for room and board and tuition, this only covers approximately 65-70% of the budget every year.  Local churches and friends of the college help make up the remaining 30%.  Without the help of others, we would have to raise the student rates more than 30%.  Financial support is needed to continue training people to spread the Gospel light.

What do Lighthouse Keepers do?

PRAY regularly for the college and for God to raise up more laborers for the work of the ministry.

GIVE a monthly gift to the college that is above your tithes and regular giving to your local church. 

As a lighthouse keeper, what can you expect?

After your first payment (or at the beginning of your renewal year), receive a complimentary, signed copy of A Fire In My Bones, the autobiography of the college’s founder, Dr. Ron Comfort. You can also expect a special monthly update from the president featuring a testimony from an ABC alumnus.

Will you join the Lighthouse Keepers to keep the light of the Gospel shining through the students at Ambassador Baptist College?

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