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The Ambassador Endowment began in October of 2021 when an older couple gave a seed gift of $100,000 to start a fund to provide scholarships for Ambassador Baptist College students. For many years, they invited students into their home, and many of those students kept in touch after graduation to share ministry updates. They wanted to do more to encourage our students to spread the Gospel. As they put it, “We want to do our giving while we are living."

Image by Jametlene Reskp

"The Ambassador Endowment began with a seed gift."

Description & Oversight

The endowment is an investment fund that is overseen by the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of Ambassador Baptist College. Every year, the committee provides an annual report of accountability to the board of directors. The fund itself is managed by a respected financial group.


The sole purpose of the endowment is to provide student scholarships for ABC students who are studying for the ministry. Student scholarships are funded by the interest earnings of the endowment.


Student scholarships are awarded by the administration of the college and are based on need and merit.

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Ambassador Baptist College

PO Box 158

Lattimore, NC 28089


Help future generations of Christian workers!

Additional Ways To Contribute

Cash Gifts

  • Cash gifts are a common way to give to the endowment.

  • Matching gift programs are sometimes offered by employers to encourage employee giving to 501(c)(3) organizations like ABC and the Ambassador Endowment.


  • Donate appreciated assets like stocks, real estate, artwork, or jewelry.

  • Utilize gifts from your IRA. If you are age 70½, you can donate up to $100,000 per person to charities without having to count the distributions as taxable income.

Monthly Giving

  • Consider a regular contribution to the endowment in your monthly budget. You can establish a monthly direct transfer from your bank account to the Ambassador Endowment.

Estate Gift

  • Name the endowment in your will or estate planning.

Questions and More Information

For all cash gifts, please mail your donation to Ambassador Baptist College, P.O. Box 158, Lattimore, NC, 28089 and mark your gift  for "The Ambassador Endowment."

If you would like to discuss one of the giving options above or receive more information about the Ambassador Endowment, please contact Business Manager Randy Bunn at 704.434.0303 or


Donors should consult their financial advisors for advice and guidance.

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