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Scholarship Awards for 2023-24

During Commencement Week, thousands of dollars are awarded to students who have demonstrated good character and financial need. These scholarships are funded in large part by private donors who believe in our mission of training God’s servants for God’s service.

This year, we welcomed a new award, the Donna Jean Qurollo Memorial Scholarship. Mrs. Qurollo served as one of our founding staff members in 1989 and served alongside her husband in ministry for more than 50 years. She worked in the business office during her time at ABC and many years as a pastor’s wife and secretary. After her passing in March of 2023, her family decided to establish a scholarship to a female student who demonstrates integrity, attention to detail, compassion to others, thoroughness in completing a task, and has a financial need. This year’s scholarship of $4000 was awarded to Olivia Hassler.

The Charles Sheppard Memorial Music Scholarship is a $300 scholarship and was awarded to Will Raub in recognition of the display of exemplary character, diligence and discipline in piano and/or voice.

The Alfred B. Smith Music Scholarship is a $500 scholarship and was awarded to Elisabeth Randall in recognition of diligence and discipline in the field of music.

The Determined Ministries Evangelism Scholarship is a $500 scholarship presented by alumnus Richard Harper to a student who has excelled in displaying the gifts of an evangelist. This year’s recipient was Jacob Appel.

The Kolb-Kennedy Memorial Missionary Scholarship is a scholarship from Shining Light Baptist Church in Blairsville, GA that is awarded to a missions student who will be doing a missions internship during the summer. Luke Hargis received this year’s $1800 award.

The Wayne Kirk Missions Scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship was presented to missions student Becky Roy in recognition of outstanding Christian testimony and service.

The Wayne & Ryan Burchwell Ministry Scholarship is a $2,000 scholarship that was presented by the Burchwell family to Rachel Worman for demonstrating commitment in preparing for the ministry.

The Aquila Award is a $1,000 scholarship that was presented to Peter Smith in recognition of outstanding Christian leadership.

The Priscilla Award is a $1,000 scholarship that was presented to Hope Berkheiser in recognition of outstanding Christian leadership.

The Women in Ministry Award was given to graduating senior Rebecca Villanueva in recognition of her exemplary Christian character and her diligence and faithfulness to the Lord.

The Pastor Gene Cole Scholarship is a $7,000 scholarship presented by the Hoagland Family Christian Foundation to pastoral students in honor of Gene Cole, former pastor of Devonshire Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC. Daniel Griffith and Nate Bonnell each received a $7,000 scholarship.

The Valedictorian Award was awarded to seniors Josiah Crow, Samuel Littlefield for having the highest GPA.

The President's Award was presented to graduating senior Michael Beam in recognition of consistent, godly Christian character.

The Fundamentalist’s Award was presented to senior Seth Pyles for displaying the principles and practices of historic fundamentalism.

The following students have been awarded positions as Resident Advisors for the 2024-25 school year. They will receive free tuition and the majority of their room and board in exchange for working for the college: Ana Granado, Elisabeth Randall, Emily Shumaker, Ryan DeLay, and Stephen Andrews.

Assistant Resident Advisors receive $1000 each semester to assist RAs. This year’s recipients are Breanna High, Lydia Chambers, Hope Berkheiser, Nate Bonnell, and Levi Fox.

Congratulations to this year’s award winners and to the churches and friends who have made it possible.

A picture of Donna Jean Qurollo.
Donna Jean Qurollo

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