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The 2022-23 School Year Is Coming!

In just a few days, students will be returning to campus to begin another school year. Review the schedule below to see a list of the starting events for the year!

Friday, August 19

1:00 PM Dormitories open

1-5:00 PM New student check-in

6:00 PM Parent reception

Saturday, August 20

10:00 AM ACT testing (only for new students who need to take it)

6:30 PM Student activity on the ball field

Monday, August 22

8:00 AM New student registration

6:00 PM Beal Bash at Beal’s home

Tuesday, August 23

8:00 AM Returning student registration

8:00 AM New student orientation

1:00 PM Returning student orientation

5:00 PM Campus Cookout

Wednesday, August 24

Classes begin!

For more information or a more detailed list of events, please contact the dean of students office at Pray for the opening days of the new year!

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